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Nery is situated between Senlis, Compiegne and Crepy en Valois and belongs to the District of the latter. The population is 730 and covers 1634 acres.

Nery is made up of four small villages:

The church and the bell tower were constructed around 1140 . The nave was reconstructed in 1901.
In 1686, the village was named 'Neriacum' the origin of this name comes from 'Ner', a spring. And to this day we have our own water supply.
Historical events :

14th October 719 in Nery, a battle took place between the 'francs d'Austrasie' (from the east Kingdom) and their rivals the 'francs de Neustrie' (the new Kingdom). Charles Martel won over the 'Neustiens' and from this victory, he unified under him the Kingdom 'Francs'.

The land of Nery was erected by Louis XIV in 1664.

The battle of Nery.

1st septembre 1914 at 5 h 30, high- explosive shells begin to fall in the village. It is the beginning of a terrible battle. After this surprise attack by the Germans on the the First Cavalry Brigade of the the British Expedionary Force, bivouacking in the village for the night, the 'L' Battery of the Royal Horse Artillery fought to the death under overwhelming fire.....
The rest of the story is available in your gite.

This hunting lodge belonging to François 1st was constructed around 1550. A rectangular shaped building with three levels, the central door is beautifully sculpted with small columns.
There are numerous footpaths and two official walkers tours which enables you to visit the remarquable beauty spots of the area.
In the small village of Verrines, the church dates back to the 16th century. The choir is composed of three rows, the first communicating with a chapel now long gone. The ' Hossanah' cross of the same period is found in the cemetery.